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National flags

Somewhat opinionated subject, so might be good to open a discussion about this instead of pushing everything in the wiki page. This is not a comprehensive list:


  • easy and fast, readily available everywhere
  • instantly shows where we're from
  • hackable


  • lazy choice
  • risk of vandalism
  • we've received some negative feedback

Other remarks:

  • other national flags on display in multiple villages @ cccamp19, such as Italian village, though it might look we have more than everyone else, because we represent multiple nationalities
  • other non-national but regional flags (such as Bavarian state flag) have also been displayed
  • people generally like to know where villagers have traveled from, we can probably sort something out even without using national flags
  • congress/camp is set in a different culture and climate where nuances and associations might be viewed differently, though vandalism is not generally accepted in large scale

Random thoughts on Twitter to capture the sentiments: